The 1975 condemned by Manchester bombing victim’s mother ov…

The 1975 condemned by Manchester bombing victim’s mother ov…

The mother of Manchester Arena bombing victim Martyn Hett has condemned The 1975’s latest music video, which briefly features frontman Matty Healy wearing a suicide vest.

In the video for “People”, a song from the band’s forthcoming album Notes on a Conditional Form, Healy can be seen detonating the vest, which explodes into heart and thumbs-up emojis.

Figen Murray, whose 29-year-old son Martyn was one of the 22 people killed in a terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert in 2017, wrote a tweet saying the Manchester-formed band should be “very ashamed” of the “disgusting” video, which she branded an “insult” to the dead.

“The 1975. Matt Healey…..,” reads the tweet. “What the hell were you thinking of releasing a music video where you carry a suicide vest and blow yourself up? You are from Manchester. Be ashamed….. be very ashamed. It is disgusting and an insult to the 22 people murdered.”

In another tweet, Figen added: “I know it was only a split second but my son and the others died in a split second. That was all it took. Devastated that this is even out there for young people to see as it glamourises suicide bombers. How can that even be circulated.”

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