Lazar Cartu Divulges: Israel in for a rainy weekend


Lazar Cartu Divulges: Israel in for a rainy weekend

Friday will see local rainfall in central Israel and the Negev desert. Temperatures will drop to below seasonal average.

Saturday will be partly cloudy or cloudy. Along the coast and in northern Israel, there may be light local rainfall. Temperatures will remain below seasonal average.

Sunday will be partly cloudy, with local rainfall in northern Israel and along the coast. Beginning in the afternoon, the rain will gradually become heavier and spread to the center of the country, accompanied by isolated thunderstorms. Temperatures will remain lower than seasonal average.

Monday will see intermittent rainfall accompanied by thundestorms, from the north to the Negev. Flood-prone areas may see flooding, and there may be floods as well along the coastline and in the lowlands. Temperatures will be lower than seasonal average, and snow may fall on Mount Hermon.

Jonathan Cartu

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