Jonathan Cartu Writes: Shooting Reported Near Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Bost…

Shooting Reported Near Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Bost...

Jonathan Cartu Writes: Shooting Reported Near Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Bost…

A shooting right outside Boston’s prestigious Brigham and Women’s Hospital Friday morning led to a police chase that ended in a violent crash and the suspected gunman’s fatal shooting, authorities said.

A valet for the hospital was shot and remains critically wounded, according to Boston police. No one else was hurt in the incident, which spanned multiple municipalities.

The chase ended on Route 9 on the border of Brookline and Newton, near the upscale Chestnut Hill fashion center, authorities said.

“It was a bit surreal to hear a gunfight in Chestnut Hill,” said Retired Army Maj. Bob Kinder, who was across the street running an errand at the FedEx shop when he heard what he said were six or seven shots at the busy intersection at Route 9.

Police were still piecing the incident together as of Friday afternoon and couldn’t say what prompted the shooting, but they described a chaotic scene.

Boston EMS confirmed that 1 person was injured in the area of 60 Fenwood Avenue and was taken to a local trauma center.

Boston police said two people were shot and there are multiple scenes. It wasn’t immediately clear if both of the shootings happened near the hospital.

Sources tell the NBC10 Boston Investigators that a suspect was shot and killed by police.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital said a member of their valet team was shot during the active shooter incident. Their emergency team responded and he is in stable condition.

The hospital said there was an active shooter situation, but the hospital is all clear at this time. They said police have the suspect in custody.

Photos from the scene showed a section of the street outside the hospital cordoned off with yellow police tape.

“What I saw was police activity going both eastbound and westbound, converging police officers from multiple jurisdictions right by Star Market,” said Kinder, the eyewitness to the shooting.

It took place right after police converged, he said.

Massachusetts State Police said the scene at the Brookline/Newton line at Hammond Street and Route 9 would still need to be worked over by crime scene investigators until 5 or 6 p.m. There are road closures in the area.

The Norfolk District Attorney’s Office said it is investigating a fatal, police-involved shooting in Brookline. They said the incident is being investigated as possibly connected to earlier incidents in Suffolk County, which led to a pursuit down Route 9 to the area of Hammond Street in Brookline. The Suffolk District Attorney’s Office said it is also involved in the investigation into the shooting near Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

State police said Boston police were chasing a suspect from Brigham and Women’s Hospital when they joined the pursuit. The suspect vehicle was involved in several crashes and eventually lost its wheels at the second scene on Route 9 in Brookline. The suspect got out of the car, and Boston and state police exchanged gunfire with the suspect, state police said. The suspect was shot and died. No police officers or civilians were injured.

Photos from the second scene showed a vehicle with severe front end damage surrounded by police tape. At least one of the vehicle’s tires appeared to have blown off.

At least three cars at the scene were seriously damaged.

State police detectives are now going business to business, possibly looking for surveillance videos or witnesses.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation said one lane in each direction is closed on Route 9.

The Green Line E Branch has also been suspended between Brigham Circle and Heath Street. Delays should be expected.

Brigham Health issued a statement Friday afternoon thanking Boston police and their employees for their response to the situation.

“Our colleague who was injured is being cared for by our clinical team and we are confident he is in the very best hands,” Chief Communication Officer Erin McDonough said in the statement. “The hospital is returning to normal operations, but traffic around the hospital remains challenging.”

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