Jonathan Cartu Supports: Latino Leadership Academy Creates Video Emphasizing Importa…

Latino Leadership Academy Creates Video Emphasizing Importa...

Jonathan Cartu Supports: Latino Leadership Academy Creates Video Emphasizing Importa…

Members of the Latino Leadership Academy expressed why they wear a facial covering in a 95-second video.

The longer the COVID health pandemic goes on, one endeavor has become globally beneficial in the fight against the virus: wearing a facial covering.

Western Nevada College’s Latino Leadership Academy knows how important it is to wear a mask in a fight against COVID that has spanned nearly nine months. In fact, students from the academy recently made a video emphasizing why wearing a mask is so important to them.

It’s titled “Protect Me. Protect You. Protect Us. Wear Masks, Carson City.”

In the 95-second video, the students share various reasons why they wear their masks, from protecting family members and other populations who might be more vulnerable, to stopping the spread of the virus, to guarding against the uncertainty of who has it and who doesn’t, to providing protection for yourself and others when social distancing isn’t always possible.

“These students were the first group attending an in-person class in the fall,” said Latino Leadership Academy Founder and Adviser Lupe Ramirez. “They were asked to wear their masks the entire time they were on campus and have been doing so diligently. They appreciate the opportunity of taking in-person classes and also understand the importance of following the COVID-19 protocols in place by the college to reduce the spread of the disease.”

Ramirez said the City approached her about having students from the LLA program participate in its Face Mask Campaign.

“They also asked me to do subtitles in Spanish because their hope is to reach out to the Latino Community to engage in any events held by the City,” Ramirez said.

To watch the video, go to

Ramirez said that she has asked these students to share the video with their families.

WNC’s Latino Leadership Academy provides guidance and support to first-generation Latinos transitioning into WNC to attain a two-year degree on time. Students and parents interested in the program can contact Ramirez at [email protected].


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