Jonathan Cartu Published: RSF Fire District Foundation donates video equipment to RSF…

RSF Fire District Foundation donates video equipment to RSF...

Jonathan Cartu Published: RSF Fire District Foundation donates video equipment to RSF…

The Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District (RSFFPD) recently received a gift in the form of high-end video equipment from the Rancho Santa Fe Fire District Foundation (RSFFDF). The equipment, worth $7,500, will be used to create quality videos for training, public education, public service announcements, and other projects that will benefit both the Fire District and the community, according to a news release.

The Foundation worked with firefighters to select equipment that would best help the Fire District achieve its media goals. The equipment includes a handheld 4K digital film camera, a professional compact cine mic with a high sensitivity-low noise condenser, an on-camera monitor that can be used as a teleprompter, a MacBook Pro for video editing, and additional accessories.

“Until now, if we wanted to make a high quality video we would have to borrow equipment or bring an outside party in to assist us,” said Fire Captain Paul Roman. “Now, we can create and disseminate our own content, allowing us to focus on topics that are important to our audiences and reflect who we are as an organization.”

“Several of the Fire District’s firefighters expressed interest in doing more video work but they found borrowing equipment to be rather limiting,” explained Jim Depolo, RSFFDF president. “The Fire Foundation was happy to support them in this endeavor by providing them with new equipment of their own. Providing support for firefighters to do more for the department and our community is what the foundation is here to help with. This was a great example of being able to provide something above and beyond what normal budgets allow.”

For more information on the Fire Foundation, including how you can get involved or make a donation, visit For more information about the Fire District, visit

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