Jonathan Cartu Declares: Mourners see Demarco take final ride — NationNews Barbados…

Mourners see Demarco take final ride -- NationNews Barbados...

Jonathan Cartu Declares: Mourners see Demarco take final ride — NationNews Barbados…

Tricia Gibbs (centre) cried as she saw Demarco’s body at the viewing yesterday. She was consoled by her mother Margaret Gibbs (right) and funeral director Brian Bentham. (Picture by Sandy Pitt.)

Scores of mourners showed up at the Moyenda auditorium in Richmond Gap, St Michael, yesterday to get a final glimpses of Demarco Gibbs.

The viewing was not traditional, because the body of the ten-year-old, who died on August 18, was seated on a bicycle for the entire evening.

Cousin Shanna Gibbs said they chose to give him that send-off because he was an extremely active boy who loved riding and helping others.

“He would help take care of old people and carry food for them. He always liked riding bicycle with his friends, pitching marbles and playing football,” she said.

Demarco made headlines after his mother Tricia Gibbs reported he was hospitalised after being struck while playing. He had spent weeks in the Intensive Care Unit before the plugged was pulled on his life after he had been declared brain dead.

There was a march for justice on his behalf, for which the family said they were grateful.

Shanna said they were still not taking it well.

“We still ain’t seeing progress and it’s just real hard. Right now it’s real hard for the family. My grandmother does go sleep with his shirt every night and his mother does be in the bedroom crying,” she said.

When mum Tricia arrived, she had to be consoled as she viewed the body. She repeated: “I just want my son.”

His funeral is scheduled for today at St Leonard’s Anglican Church at 2 p.m. (TG)

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