Jon Cartu Writes: 4 Travel Trends to watch out for in 2020

4 Travel Trends to watch out for in 2020

Jon Cartu Writes: 4 Travel Trends to watch out for in 2020

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Travel trends in 2020 will revolve around global politics, technology and climate change and the coming year will see a shift in where and how to travel. For example, with the issue of Brexit and hard line US travel restrictions, fewer people may want to travel to the UK or USA like it used to be. Also adverse weather like wild fires, typhoons and flash floods will influence public’s choices against cities that are prone to these disasters; and this is predicted to continue through to 2020.

Here are some other travel trends:

The lesser known cities

According to global booking company, the year 2020 will see travelers go to lesser known cities. Statistics have shown that about 51 percent of people will rather travel to a less popular destination if they knew it will reduce over-tourism and reduce the environmental impact. The issues like Brexit and hard line US travel policies will make many other travel destinations much more enticing. Travel companies will react likewise and offer deals to less popular destinations.

Greener travel

The tilt towards greener travel and climate action will transcend the year 2019 and will cause people to be more environmentally aware during trips in 2020. People will book airlines with carbon offset programs or reserve eco-friendly BnB’s. Airplanes are huge emitters of carbon and travelers will fly less or seek alternative methods of travel like cruises. According to activist travel company Responsible Travel, 16 percent of Brits and 24 percent of Americans will fly less in 2020.

Nude Vacations

Conde Nast Traveler predicts that, swimwear will be optional in 2020 and naked holidays will be a common trend. Global travelers are seeking vulnerability and human connection and going nude will be a common way to be vulnerable and do things differently. People will go on nude hikes, skinny dipping or canoeing.

Artificial Intelligence and the 5g network

5g mobile internet connectivity will grant travelers access to fast download and impeccable upload speeds which could make connectivity faster than before. Even if 5g became available in 2019, experts predict that in 2020, more people will have access to it and the traveling public could search, download and gain access to information in lightning speed.

According to, travel exploration fueled by technology and a sense of responsibility will cause people to connect like never before in 2020. Artificial intelligence will drive new inventions which will help the traveling public navigate through new cities and airports globally.

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