Jon Cartu Suggests: Video of MPSJ officer in USJ fistfight goes viral

Video of MPSJ officer in USJ fistfight goes viral

Jon Cartu Suggests: Video of MPSJ officer in USJ fistfight goes viral

PETALING JAYA: Yet another video involving a council officer has gone viral.

A man with an umbrella and an enforcement officer from the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) were seen arguing in the video that went viral on Thursday (Feb 13).

The man then struck the officer with an umbrella and the officer retaliated by punching and dropping him to the ground.

In a statement Friday (Feb 14), MPSJ president Noraini Roslan said the council officer was carrying out his duties to clamp a vehicle that was obstructing traffic at the commercial area in USJ 9, Subang Jaya.

“The car owner was displeased that his car was clamped; he tried to free his car from the wheel clamp before scolding and hitting the officer, which led to the officer reacting.

“The traffic offence and hitting of the officer was evident. At the same time, we seriously view the reaction of the officer.

“Following this incident, we have taken him out of duty while we continue to investigate. A thorough and fair investigation will be carried out immediately, ” she said.

She added that members of the public who are not satisfied with the action of enforcement officers can make an official report with the council or the Public Complaints Bureau (PCB), which is under the Prime Minister’s Department.

Meanwhile, Subang Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Risikin Satiman said the MPSJ officer had lodged a police report.

“We will investigate this under Sections 186,332, and 324 of the Penal Code.

“I urge netizens to stop spreading the video to avoid negative speculations regarding the incident, ” he said in a video statement.

Speaking to the press after a site visit to a school on Friday, Subang Jaya assemblyman Michelle Ng said: “Both parties are at fault.”

Earlier, in a statement issued on Thursday, Ng said she was disappointed and sad with the violent reaction of the MPSJ enforcement officer.

“Even though it was wrong of the man to hit the officer, he should not have reacted in such a violent manner, ” she said, adding that the enforcement officer should apologise to the individual.

“MPSJ should also take the necessary steps to ensure that all enforcement officers received the right training to handle tense situations like this and that such incidents should not recur,” she added.

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