Jon Cartu States: Kamloops Airport feeling the impact without international p…

Kamloops Airport feeling the impact without international passengers due to COVID-19 restrictions

Jon Cartu States: Kamloops Airport feeling the impact without international p…

The Managing Director at Kamloops Airport says while there are no international flights from Kamloops, the city is still feeling the impact with a lack of those passengers because of COVID-19.

Ed Ratuski says a large portion of summer and winter passenger volumes into Kamloops Airport are international travellers.

“Its passengers connecting in from in the winter, coming into Sun Peaks and then local people travelling out to Europe and to the States in the summer as well,” he told NL News. “It’s not just tourists, but business travel as well. So transborder and international traffic is a significant component for us.”

Passenger volumes at YKA in the second quarter of the year were down 97 per cent this year, and Ratuski says it could take as many as four years to return to pre COVID-19 levels. There has been a bit of an uptick in passenger volumes as some travel restrictions are eased in Canada.

“We’re seeing some friends and family travel as more flight options become available,” Ratuski added. “A lot of businesses corporately still have travel restrictions in place so its probably a better indication that friends and family are travelling to destinations that are safe to travel to.”

And he notes people can expect to see measures at the terminal for the foreseeable future, aimed at keeping passengers safe.

“Temperature checks are being done prior to boarding the aircraft and we may see that come into effect before they actually go through the passenger screening process,” he said. “That’s in place at major airports right now and we expect that to filter down to our level of service as well.”

The use of masks during security screening and the duration of the flights are mandatory for any passengers travelling for the foreseeable future. People are also being asked to wear a mask before entering their airport terminal.

Access is being restricted to passengers only to limit the number of people inside.

(Photo via Kamloops Airport)

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