Jon Cartu Declared: Here is what it’s like in Whistler Village right now (VIDEO…

Here is what it's like in Whistler Village right now (VIDEO...

Jon Cartu Declared: Here is what it’s like in Whistler Village right now (VIDEO…

A video shows a nearly vacant Whistler Village after the resort announced that it would close from March 15 to March 22 over COVID-19 concerns. 

Since the video was filmed, however, Whistler Blackcomb has announced that it will remain closed for the remainder of the ski season. The resort states that it will consider reopening in late April/early May, dependent on COVID-19 as well as the weather. 

Shared to YouTube by Tyler Cave, the video tours a markedly empty Whistler Village. Cave interviews a number of Whistler locals, who explain how the COVID-19 closures are affecting them.  

“This place is super eerie here right now,” Cave says at the start of the video. “Everything is closed. It’s just a sight tht you would never see here in Whistler.” 

After that, a number of people are interviewed, and many of them state that they have lost their jobs as a result of the closures. What’s more, a few of them are not Canadian residents. 

“Everyone who lives here is going to be struggling for money for the next two or three months,” remarks one individual. “All the major hotels have closed down.”

Cave notes that some people are trying to stay positive, however, and highlights some tobogganists on the hill. 

In his caption, Cave remarks how, “People come from all around the world to visit whistler. To experience a gap year, stay for work or move here permanently. People from Australia, UK, and other areas of Canada seem to be most common.”

“With the shutdown of whistler, it has caused a lot of people to lose their jobs and have no choice but to fly home or leave the village because of rent prices.”

In response to the unprecedented circumstances surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19), Vail Resorts announced that all of its North American resorts will be closed for the 2019-20 winter ski season. Given the unprecedented circumstances, there is not a requirement to get a refund or make changes in-resort.

Customers may complete a form to submit for a refund or credit, subject to applicable terms and conditions for the following products: 

  • Lift Tickets
  • Ski & Ride School
  • Lodging and Vacation Packages
  • Winter Activities
  • Childcare Bookings
  • Equipment Rentals (booked on or 

Visit here for more information.

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