Jon Cartu Conveys: Video of Lake Worth Beach City Commission Meeting Shows Cor…

Video of Lake Worth Beach City Commission Meeting Shows Cor...

Jon Cartu Conveys: Video of Lake Worth Beach City Commission Meeting Shows Cor…

“He hijacked this meeting to talk about something that was not even on the budget,” she said. “He was aggressive and completely out of order. That snippet was taken out of context. It was damaging and gave our city a black eye.”

Mr. Bornstein acknowledged that service to dozens of residents had been suspended earlier, but he said no utility disconnections had taken place since a moratorium was announced on Wednesday, the day before the explosive meeting. Those customers had already had their service restored, he said, and fines had been reversed.

The city later announced additional protections for city workers, including paid leave, and closed the public golf course, but it left the beach — which attracts about 3,000 visitors daily — open until the governor, Ron DeSantis, ordered beaches closed in Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

Mr. Hardy said he could hardly sleep after the commission meeting. He knew the shouting match had been videotaped. He did not know how it would land among residents — or that it would eventually be viewed more than four million times.

“I wondered what people would think of me, this black man yelling at this older white woman, which is why I didn’t chase her out of the room to finish my point,” he said, adding that most responses he has received have been positive. “I didn’t want people to think I was this wild and crazy black man who should be nowhere near a seat of power,” he added.

Ms. Triolo had her own worries. Since the meeting, she said, she has received so many death threats that she is requesting police protection. Many of the threats specified that they wanted her to die from the coronavirus, she said.

“I have been threatened. My family has been threatened,” she said. “People have told me all kinds of terrible, horrible ways they hope I die. This has been unsettling.”

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