Eagles fan hero who made fun of Nelson Agholor uses amazing…

Eagles fan hero who made fun of Nelson Agholor uses amazing…

Philadelphia Eagles fan Hakim Laws went viral on Monday after an interview of him explaining how he saved children from a burning building turned into a roast of Nelson Agholor for dropping passes in Sunday’s loss.

One reporter caught up with the fan turned hero and asked him about his comments. Laws did not disappoint. Using a football to demonstrate how he caught a baby and an adult woman that were being thrown out of the window of the burning building, he recalled what was going through his mind at the time. Of course, he used some football terminology.

“My first thought actually in the back of my head was like, yeah, no fumble. So I caught two,” he said.

Then with a face as serious as the situation he was in earlier in the week, Laws added, “and then ran them in for a touchdown.”

It’s a good thing Laws follows the Eagles, because it seems like these football analogies helped him in a time of crisis. 

When asked about how he could possibly still be thinking about the Eagles loss to the Detroit Lions in the middle of a dire situation, he gave a matter of fact answer.

“That’s a long day! That was earlier the same day that happened, maybe 12 hours or so, less than that.” Shrugging, he added, “Yeah, I’m gonna think about that all day.”

Any die-hard fan knows it does not matter the situation, it is always all about your team. 

Agholor, despite being called out by Laws, has reached out to the fan to invite him and his family to a game, and thanked him for his heroic acts.

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